Tribes Pub Crawl

You're in Galway now, Sláinte.

Guinness Pints.jpg

4 Pubs, 4 shots.

Nobody knows how many pubs there are in Galway (do not trust the locals, they'll just make up a number).
On the pub crawl, we will take you to 4 pubs, with a complementary shot waiting for you in each one.

One late venue

Galway is best known for its music scene, and our pub crawl wouldn't be complete without a last stop with some live music.
At midnight, we will take you to one of Galway's late bars, which will allow you to party to the end of the night!


A great way to make friends!

As one of our tour guides used to say, "If you're traveling alone, the pub crawl is a great way to meet people. And if you're travelling with friends, it's a great way to meet new people if you're sick of them."


Skeffington Arms, Eyre Square Galway Ireland

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